Saturday, March 15, 2008

Girly Cake Week

This was the week for two girly cakes. I LOVE it when people will ask for one of my "classic" cakes, but will put a twist on it to fit their own needs. Such was the case for both cakes this weekend.

The first was my cupcake cake, which I have made dozens of. The party planner wanted to integrate more of the invite, though, so asked that the cupcake "wrapper" have polka dots on it, and that instead of the "1" and giant fondant cherry, that there would be a fondant candle instead, that looked just like the invite. For her individual smash cake, I made the giant cupcake again, but this time on the candle, made it where it would light! How cool is that? I felt like I was channeling Duff by adding fire to one of my cakes!

The other cake was for a baby shower. They liked my pink and brown monogrammed cake, but wanted it to look like that baby's quilt. So, I made really cute pink polka dots on the bottom tier, with diagonal stripes on the top tier. I topped it off with a chocolate "A" for Addison, and then added a sweet pink gumpaste bow. Gorgeous!

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