Thursday, April 24, 2008

Addison's Butterfly Birthday

This is one of my most favorite cakes that I have done to date. I feel like this pretty much every week, where I fall in love with one of the cakes, but this time I really mean it!
This photo is not the best, but the background of the fondant is actually very pale green. In person, this cake is exuberant and cheerful, and girly. Adorable!
I should probably give props to its original creator, the amazing artists at Pink Cake Box. I aspire to be as skilled as they are!
So, for the cake techies out there: The cake is 3 tiers of pale green fondant, with watermelon pink, sherbet green, pale pink and orange polka dots. The flowers were made from the same cutter as the polka dots, and I assembled the petals around a circle and placed a different color disk on the top for the flowers' centers. The butterflies are plain fondant-no tylose or gumpaste. I used different cookie cutters for the different sizes, and then "painted" the wings.
The interior of the cake is Perfect White, Lemon Pound and the Chocolate Butter. The frosting is Fluffy Vanilla frosting.
I had really wanted to take the week off this week, BUT, an existing client of mine referred her sister in law to me, requested this amazing cake, and I just had to say yes! Happy Birthday Miss Addison-I hope you loved the cake!

Speaking of gorgeous butterfly cakes, check out the cake that was done for Suri Cruise's second birthday. Four tiers of white fondant with yellow polka dots and lots of little yellow butterflies. The price tag? $5000.00! Wow! I just love getting little peaks into celebrity parties and cakes. Great inspiration, and cute too.


Montee said...

I happened upon your site a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to get ideas for a cake. I have been baking for people for a couple of years, mainly doing cookies, bars and mini cheesecakes for showers and parties. Now I am getting orders for large cakes and am finding I really enjoy doing them. I was looking at this particular post and the cake for Suri Cruise. I would like to give you a compliment that your cakes are much prettier than the one made for her. I can't believe the Cruises paid 5 grand for that! It is a cute cake but I have seen better, including your creations. Thanks for posting your cakes and giving info on them.

Summer Rippe said...

Wow, what a great compliment. Thank you!

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