Monday, April 14, 2008

Fun Cakes!

One of my favorite clients ordered the very first of my most popular cakes-the Cupcake Cake. This was back in September, and since she placed that first order, people have gone crazy for it! Well, this client referred one of her good friends to me, and she ordered an amazing cake she wanted me to reproduce that was first done by the wonderful artists at Sugar Creations. I loved how it turned out! The top popcorn bag is actually made from Styrofoam, which I had specially carved by the great people at Dallas Foam. The rest is all cake. The bottom tier stood at over 7 inches tall, and was carved to look like an elephant drum. The second tier was topsy turvy, to give the whole thing an unbalanced-it's-going-to-fall look. Since this was for a four year old, I piped number "4's" all over the wired stars that are sticking out all over the place. The popcorn in the bag is hand sculpted from yellow sugar, and then dusted with a bright yellow petal dust to make it look like butter. This thing was so heavy that I could hardly lift it! We estimated the weight to be about 50lbs-looks like the birthday boy got more than his weight in cake for his party!

The other cake I did this weekend was a gorgeous periwinkle blue hydrangea cake. The bride wanted the cake ivory, with ivory spray roses. The roses and hydrangeas were hand sculpted. I dry dusted the hydrangeas with blue luster dust, and then attached all the flowers with royal icing. It took 5 different trips to the store the find the perfect colored ribbon. Soooo pretty!

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