Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why I LOVE Texas!

After dropping off my Circus Cake and wedding cake, we decided to get away this weekend and took a family vacation to Marble Falls. I haven't been there before (or remember it, anyway), and it was such a beautiful, beautiful place to be this time of year! We stayed in a hotel right off the river, and enjoyed an amazing sunset on Saturday evening. While shopping, we accidentally came across a little rodeo where my son got to watch some cows being roped and corralled.

On Sunday morning, my husband and I went off roading (again). This off roading park was awesome-miles and miles of hilly, rocky roads infused with natural creeks winding through. It was so relaxing to be out in the natural beauty of our state.
Later Sunday, we took a detour to Wildseed Farms near Fredericksburg. At Wildseed farms they had acres stuffed with bright red poppies. You couldn't help but just sit and watch the waves of them in the wind. We then headed into Fredericksburg where we dined outside under colorful umbrellas and chowed down on German food. I perused some local cathedrals, took photos, and then it was back home. The trip was far too fast!

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