Monday, May 5, 2008

Barney, Elmo and Camping

This week I did a cake for a new client. Her daughter is obsessed with Barney and Elmo, so she wanted a cake in those colors with lots and lots of pink. I ended up doing 2 fondant figures of the characters, and then added pink accents, like bows and beading. Barney's head had to be done twice-the first time I did it, I asked my own kids who it looked like, and they said "I don't know, a hippo?" Since Barney is one of the most recognizable characters, I decided that I should probably make him over. The second time, I gave him a gaping grin with white teeth, and then made his eyes more expressive. I asked my kids again "Who is this?" And they happily exclaimed "Barney!" Elmo was made with red fondant, and his fur was piped on with bright red frosting, using a small star tip. The interior of the cake was vanilla, with my super popular cream cheese frosting.

For the weekend, my husband and I are trying to enjoy every second we can outside before it gets too hot! So, it was off again, this time to camp in Tyler. We love going to Tyler on the weekends. They have a great zoo there, where you can get very close to the animals. Our favorite activity is feeding time, when you get to watch the workers toss sweet potatoes and watermelons to the elephants, and watch them eat. We also frequent the rose gardens. This time of year is the perfect time to go. They have thousands upon thousands of rose bushes, and they were all in bloom. After climbing up to a balcony, it is breathtaking to look out over the see of flowers, and to breath in their sweet scent.Camping was just about perfect. It was slightly chilly, which is great for sleeping. We snagged a prime spot by the lake, which we could see from our tent, and enjoyed a nice long hike on Sunday morning. We also rented a paddle boat, which by some miracle, Charlotte did not tip over with her tenacious excitement. At night, we roasted hot dogs, and then marshmallows for dessert (both kids repeatedly caught theirs on fire), and told "ghost" stories, which was more like funny stories about dinosaurs. Ahhh. If they would only stay this little forever!

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