Monday, May 19, 2008

Class with Bronwen

For those of you not in the "cake" world, Bronwen Weber is an amazing pastry chef. She is known for winning the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show, but I think she is most famous for appearing on the Food Network Challenge. If you remember, she made Ursala from The Little Mermaid in one, and Popeye in another, and has done several others that I just can't remember right now.
Bronwen taught a class this past weekend at Cake Carousel in Richardson. The subject was Raggedy Ann. I'm not a huge Raggedy Ann fan, but what I was interested in was learning how to make a sculpted cake. My interest sparked in this area when on one Food Network Challenge, The Cake Girls created a death defying Cat in the Hat cake. They some how balancing a ginormous cake on a tiny little ball. Not that this is anywhere near that, but it is the first step towards learning how they did it. (That picture is at the bottom of the page.)
How the Raggedy Ann cake is put together is too cool! She is cake, and mostly edible, except for her PVC pipe frame. When you see something like this, and know that it is cake, you just start to wonder "HOW did they do THAT?" What was interesting was that when broken down into pieces, it doesn't seem too impossible. The engineering and construction behind it are what make her stand, and then your cake sculpting skills give her her form. On top of that it's the fun stuff-making details out of fondant. I loved giving her apron and dress stitches, and adding her loops and loops of hair. What a fun class! I can't wait to see what else I can make with this technique.


Heather said...

Your Raggedy ann cake is beautiful! I have a homemade Raggedy Ann & Andy that my aunt made, and this looks so much like them!

Can't wait to see what other wonderful creations you come up with!

Dana B said...

Your raggady ann cake is so cute and I'm not much of a fan either but this one is hard to resist.

Ann said...

How cute (and artfully created) is this? I was never a huge Raggedy Ann fan, but my name is Ann and I married a man named Andy (really). Everyone gives us themed gifts, so she has kind of grown on me.

You are very talented!

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