Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ducky Birthday

I have a soft spot for my cousin Jessy. Even though she is only 10, she has an incredible amount of patience with my two children, and plays with them and treats them with so much love that they just can't help but adore her! Jessy's birthday was back in December, but she was sick for a several weeks with a nasty bout of pneumonia. So, they decided to celebrate her birthday this weekend. Since she is so wonderfully sweet, and also since she had to delay her birthday for so long (and really, how torturous would that be as a kid???), I wanted to make her birthday cake as over the top as possible.
Jessy requested that I make her a rubber ducky cake in pink and yellow. Instead of rubber ducks, she wanted fondant.
She was only having 20 people at her party, but I wanted her cake to be big and ostentatious, so I made it a whopping 4 tiers tall. The top 3 are just dummies, and the bottom tier should have fed about 40, if I hadn't doled out monstrous sized portions to all the kids. :)
The bottom tier is a yellow background with hot pink diamond cutouts. Instead of the beads I usually do at the junctions, I did little flowers. The next tier was pale pink, with hot pink and yellow stripes. The 3rd tier was hot pink, and I made her name from gumpaste letters. And the top tier was yellow, which I tied with a hot pink bow. I stuck wired flowers everywhere I could, in hot pink and yellow, for an extra fun element. And to make it over the top, I trimmed the cake board with a hot pink feather boa, instead of the usual ribbon.
And what other flavor would be more perfect than strawberry? It was delish, and sent a couple of the workers at the party into a cake coma. Needless to say, everyone loved it!

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Kelsie said...

That was so sweet (literally!) of you to make your cousin's cake so awesome. And, really, its AWESOME!!

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