Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rose Tower

I really really wish that the photo was better for this cake. I have been dying to make this particular cake for a year now, and this weekend, finally had the chance.
This was for a 50th anniversary party at Maggiano's. Ruth and Larry are my Great Aunt and Uncle, and I was honored to make their cake.
I bought 6 dozen roses for it, and used all but 3! It was really a stunning centerpiece for the party. How it is constructed takes a bit of work. It is three tiers of cake, and then two tiers of roses, that make it look like the cake is floating on top of a sea of flowers. I got the idea of construction from Martha Stewart Wedding Cakes, a book that came out in January. If you are interested in knowing how it was assembled, it goes like this, from the bottom up:
1. Cake (with dowels)
2. Masonite Board
3. Floral drip pan
4. Floral foam and roses
5. Wilton cake plate
6. Next tier of cake.

For the topper, I just carefully placed the roses on the top.
I was scared to death that the construction wouldn't be stable, but once it was assembled, it stood perfectly. And I loved working with fresh flowers!
Congratulations Ruth and Larry on 50 wonderful years together!

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