Sunday, June 29, 2008

Something Blue

This is my new cake, entitled Turquoise Swirl Wedding Cake. It was done Christine, who was having a lovely lakeside wedding.
I consulted several of my cake friends to find out how to get the streaked, water effect on this cake. What I ended up doing was taking a stiff bristled painting brush, just like you would get at Home Depot. To make the streaks, I took scissors to the brush, and snipped away the bristles until it was a bit jagged.
For the color, I mixed Americolor Sky Blue with Teal. I poured vodka in with it too, to make a "water color". Vodka dries much faster than water, so it is usually what cake decorators use anytime they need to paint something.
I put each individual cake on my turn table, and spun it while dragging the brush on the surface.
When I was done, the color was a bit too garish. To mute it, I took a wet paper towel and wiped off the excess paint. What was left was a lovely essence of streaks, but nothing too obvious or flashy.
I made dozens of white gumpaste flowers to cascade down. Then, with a giant fluffy brush, I dusted the entire cake with White Sparkle Luster Dust. To finish it off, I piped centers in the flowers, and painted them with the White Sparkle mixed with vodka. Just lovely!


mariasinnombre said...



Summer Rippe said...

Thank you! That's always great to hear.

Heather said...

this is quite beautiful. How wonderful the bride could see her vision realized in her wedding cake.

Chrissie said...

This cake is absolutely gorgeous. I love it, you are so talented. Your cakes are amazing.

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