Friday, July 11, 2008

Super Sweet 16

I am not a zebra print kind of girl. I love bright colors, but animal prints just aren't me. However, this cake does have me changing my mind!
The girl who I made it for had fallen head over heels in love with a cake from the Pink Cake Box, and wanted it recreated (only in pink, instead of the dark blue as the original). I told her of course I would make it for her-I love doing topsy-turvy cakes. And I really love making something new!
For the topsy turvy cake, I followed the instructions from Cake Central. For supports, I used the SPS system. The SPS system is something that I just recently got into. And the sturdiness it gives a cake is just amazing.
The zebra stripes are strips of black fondant that I cut out and applied to the cake with water. The bow is shiny (like the original), which I accomplished by spritzing it with vodka. The number on the front is fondant mixed with a bit of Tylose. And then the wired stars set it all off.
This cake was a joy to make. I love the pink and black together!
Here is a photo of the original, done by Pink Cake Box.


Heather said...

wow! Great cake! I bet your client loved it! It looks so much like the Pink Cake Box cake - I'm very impressed!

Summer Rippe said...

Thank you, Heather! I really loved it too. It was so much fun to make!

US said...

Oh wow....i love this cake! you have such a great talent..i love those did you shape your cakes like that?

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