Friday, August 15, 2008

Lots of Girly Cakes

The cake to your left is super cute. And teeny tiny! I am just so in love with it I can hardly stand it. It's my favorite cake of the week!
A repeat client, who I made the original Butterfly Cake for, is turning 30 this weekend. Her sister in law, who is also a client (Graduation Cake) gave me a call and requested an adorable cake from the Pink Cake Box. Yes!!! Of course I will make anything inspired by that bakery!
The cake is three tiers, but Stacy wanted it as small as possible. So, the tiers are 4, 6 and 8 inch rounds. It's a miniature version of a gigantic cake, and it is adorable. I actually think its smallness greatly increases its appeal to me-dainty and petite and gorgeous.

Next up is another girly cake for another repeat client, who had ordered the Circus Cake a while back. This is for her daughter's 2nd birthday.
She had sent me the invite, which was of a pink and green lady bug with orange antennas. She wanted it to just be a cute, girly cake, and that's what she got!
Even though it is only two tiers, is actually feeds more people than the 3-tiered cake above.
The bows and number 2 are gumpaste, and the hand sculpted lady bugs are made out of fondant. For the large pink bow in the center, as well as on some of the loopy bows and stripes on the cake, I used a special wavy cutter to make it look like ric rac ribbon. This cake is covered in whimsical fondant flowers and the cake board is set off with a feather boa.
In great contrast to the dainty cake is this gigantic zebra cake. It was for a 1st birthday and was requested by a local photographer who loved my topsy turvy zebra cake I did a few weeks ago. After lots and lots of deliberation, we tweaked the design and went with something that I had seen another decorator do. I also added the wired decorations.
The cake board is decorated with a black and white tulle tutu that I made myself. Let me tell you that I did not charge enough for this, as I spent about two hours putting it together this morning! There was also a smash cake with a light-able fondant candle that I made to go along with the whole ensemble.


Amanda said...

Love love love your cakes!!! I found you from cake central. The pink cake with the #2 on it. What is the board covered in? Is it covered in Fondant?

Summer Rippe said...

Thanks Amanda! Yes, the cake board is covered in fondant.

Summer Rippe said...
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Anonymous said...

Your cakes are beautiful. How would I go about ordering?

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