Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricanes and Luaus

This week I had a bit of a luau theme going. I had a luau cake, and also an order of cookies with the same theme.
Misty was one of my first ever clients. I've always felt a bit grateful to her, because she gave me one of my first "breaks" when she ordered the first ever cupcake cake exactly one year ago. I hadn't had much experience yet, but she took a chance on me, and since then, business has been booming!
This year, her son is turning two and she wanted a Luau type of cake. Her invites and party decor had monkeys on banana surf boards, palm trees, things like that. I scratched my head on this one, trying to figure out how to make it cute. This is what I came up with.
The top tier has the palm trees, each one with 6 leaves and hand sculpted coconuts. The bottom tier was pretty time consuming, as it features 8 fondant monkeys in various types of beach wear. Some sport swim suits while others wear grass skirts. Some are drifting across the waves on their surfboards and the others are hanging upside down from the tier below.
On the top of the cake, two fat monkeys sit below a palm tree in the "sand". The sand is Vanilla Wafers that I pulverized in my food processor.
On the cake board I wanted something a little different, so I tried to make the name look like an SOS sign you might see on the beach. Very cute! I am really happy with this cake.
The next cake is a repeat-a three tiered version of my Ducky Cake. These are always fun to do because of the bright, girly colors. With the hurricane rolling through tomorrow, I had to convince my client to let me deliver it tonight to Amazing Jakes. It is a huge place, and heaving that cake through there turned my arms into noodles! But all the nice compliments and people goggling the gorgeous cake made it worth while.
I also made two dozen matching ducky cookies, which I didn't get a pic of.
To finish off the week, I did some really cute flip flop cookies for a little girl's birthday party. That client was a bit dismayed that for her fun luau party they would all be stuck inside to avoid the nasty weather. Hopefully they will have a great time anyway!

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Janice V. said...

Both of these cakes are awesome! You are so talented.

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