Friday, September 5, 2008

Wall-E Cake

This weekend is my gorgeous daughter, Charlotte's, birthday. Charlotte is obsessed with Wall-E. I think this summer we ended up seeing it 7 times-and we are planning on seeing it again tomorrow afternoon after the party!
Charlotte has been talking about her Wall-E birthday since the movie came out in June. When I did a Google search on Wall-E cakes, one similar to this popped up on Flickr, and was the main source of my inspiration and direction. The orignial was produced by, and his Wall-E cake far surpasses my own!
Wall-E was a tough one to build. He is an 8 inch cube of cake, covered in bright yellowy-orange fondant, and then piped with royal icing for the details.
He has two wheels which are tough to see in the photo, complete with tire treads.
His head was sculpted out of rice krispy treats, and then attached to a peice of PVC for the neck, which was also covered in rice krispy treats and fondant.
His little arms are from cardboard wrapped with fondant and decorated like black and white hazard tape.
The cake board is covered in "dirt" and "mud", which is really cake crumbs and brown sugar mixed together.
All in all, Wall-E is pretty cute in person, and Charlotte loves him. I hope he tastes great, too!
Happy Birthday sweet girl!


Anonymous said...


Melissa and Kevin said...

I just came across the blog. I am an aspiring cake decorator and just wanted to say your cakes are so beautiful! You are very talented!

dddiva said...

My friend found your blog for me when we were looking for a Wall E cake to make for Ian's bday- supercute, you did an amazing job. Thanks for sharing. I'm adding you to my blog for when we need inspiration then coming back and drooling over your gorgeous work.

Summer Rippe said...

Thank you guys for your sweet works! Melissa-your cakes are looking great!

Samantha said...

hi, this is amazing! my son is having a wall E party, do you take orders? my email is solovecupcakes at gmail dot com. thanks, would love to know how much. Sam.

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