Friday, December 19, 2008

Fabulous And 50!

I really enjoyed making this bright, vibrant cake for a 50th birthday.  Again, it's just so fun to get to do something different!
The birthday girl's sister was the one who ordered the cake as a surprise, and she wanted something with right, something spirited, something fabulous!  After a bit of discussion back and forth, we decided on this cute, funky cake.
Topsy turvy cakes used to be so intimidating, but after making several, they are getting easier and easier.  The cake is covered in Satin Ice.
You can see that I am still experimenting with the gumpaste numbers on the top.  This time I painted them with gold and vodka, and then applied little red flowers to the center.
And, of course, the bright red boa makes it even more fabulous.
This was a pretty fun cake to make, and a good one to close out the year.  I am taking the rest of the year off, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  See you all in 2009!


Piece of Cake said...

Cute Cake! I'm liking the numbers on top. I have a problem getting mine to do right. They tend to break on me. Oh and I'm so jealous that you're taking the rest of the year off!!!!!!!!!!

Sweetcakes said...

I was wondering if you dowel the numbers before they dry. Mine always break b/c I do'nt know how to attach them. Thanks! Wow, you do great work!

Summer Rippe said...

Hi Sweetcakes-
I mix in some Tylose into my fondant, and then roll it out into a rope. Then, I make the number "backwards" on the counter, so that I can attach the stick. I attach 1 or 2 lollipop sticks, depending on the size and shape of the number, to the back with some piping gel or egg whites.
Hope that helps!

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