Friday, February 20, 2009

Monkeys and Zebras

Purple is my absolute favorite color, but unfortunately, I don't seem to get to decorate with it much.  Luckily this week, I got to make a cake for a little girl who loves purple, too.  
The mom wanted monkeys on the cake, because that was the theme of the party.  Since she is one of four girls, she wanted 4 monkeys total on there.  I wanted the cake to be cute and girly, and ended up deciding on doing them like on my Luau Cake I made a few months ago.  I added the purple flowers to their heads to help with the girlishness.
After I put on the monkeys and the bow, I took a step back to look it over.  The cake still seemed empty, so I piped on some sherbet-green vines, and added more flowers.  Then I piped the 6 as well.  It is a really sweet cake.
The next cake I made was a little bit of a repeat.  They wanted the bottom tier with zebra stripes, but wider than the ones I have made before.  They also wanted them horizontal.  At first they wanted the top tier to be giraffe print (ack!), and I am grateful they changed their mind about that, because it would have been a tad too much.  They ended up deciding on the top tier being polka dotted.  I think it is perfect.  
Happy Birthday to Hailey and Ciann!  


Kris said...

So, so, so darling! The monkeys are in fondant, I assume. Is the rest, even the big dots at border butter cream?
Just so cute!

Summer Rippe said...

No, the cake is completely made of fondant except for the vines, which are royal icing. :)

Becky said...

I love the monkey cake! So fun!

Shannon said...

Love this! Those are my favorite colors. You are so talented!!

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