Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nathaniel's Valentine

I love Valentine's Day!  
When I went to drop off my son at preschool this week, I was too late to pounce on bringing cupcakes or cookies for the Valentine's party.  I was the third parent to drop off their kid, but, the other two moms seized the opportunity before I could.  So, trying to avert "Punch" or "Snack Mix", I scribbled my name under "Other".
Tuesday after dropping him off I went to the cake store, and they had the most beautiful display of chocolates at their entrance.  Lovely things that I have never seen before, like jewelry made of chocolate.  And jewelry boxes.  Gorgeous!  But what caught my eye was the most adorable little chocolate lollipops.  It didn't take me long to decide that's what I would make for the party.
Nate got to help me, and we melted the wafer chocolates, then poured it into piping bags, which was the piped into heart shaped molds.  The next day we bought ribbons and bags, then assembled them together.
It's funny because my kids are so used to cakes and cookies that they don't even bat an eyelash at them.  But chocolates on a stick, well, that was a novelty.  Nate was super excited to take them to school on Thursday.
Happy Valentine's Day!


Kris said...

I have just read your blog from start to finish...or rather, from current to beginning. Loved it. Every single cake is a work of art. I will be visiting your blog often!

Summer Rippe said...

Thank you Kris! That is one of the nicest compliments that I have received. :D

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