Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last year I made a cake that some of you may remember-the very cool Indian cake that was for the police officer that was being shot at when I called to fill her order.  She was so happy with that cake, that she hired me again this year to make her daughter's 2nd birthday cake.

Anya wanted Pooh and the gang on the cake, but her daughter Morgen had a hard time deciding what she wanted on the top of it.  After much discussion, she settled on Pooh holding a hunny pot.

As usual, all my animals are made from pure fondant.  On Eeyore, you can see that he has delicate stitching, which is really cute and makes him look more authentic.  Also, all the details, for the stripes on Tigger and the bumble bees, the eyes, etc, are all hand painted with black food coloring and vodka.

The hunny pot is also made from fondant, but the honey pouring from it is yellow royal icing-perfect  touch!  Also perfect-the dozen honey bees swirling around the cake, hoping to get a taste of the yummy stuff inside.  

I hope Morgen has a great 2nd birthday!

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Jamie said...

That is just too TOO precious. :)

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