Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So It's Been Like Two Years

And what have I been up to?   Well the answer is A LOT and very little of it was cake related.  First:  When we moved to Colorado all the way back in 2009,  I was pretty overwhelmed with the beauty of where we lived.  Colorado is a wild place and for the first couple of years all of my time was spent exploring it, hiking open space trails, going up into the high mountains, and soaking up every bit of natural beauty that I could.

And then after that?  Well, I was up to this:

Meet Aislinn Rose!  She's pretty much the awesomest blue eyed baby you would ever get to meet.  She was born six months ago and takes up just about every moment of my time.  Being my third baby, I know how quickly time goes and pretty much just want to hold her every second I can while she is little.  And she's already starting to get squirmy with wanting to chase around her big brother and sister.
So anyway, while I was pregnant with her I had a lot of free time on my hands due to the fact that Charlotte was finally in school full time.  I was hoping to make a few cakes here and there but as luck would have it, the smell of fondant didn't agree with me so much.  So cakes were on hold once again.

Now it is late January 2013, which means Sweet Time In The Rockies is coming up!  This is a local cake show in Denver that I entered before and am entering again on February 9th.  And then after that, I have another cake coming up for a Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet.

With home baking now being legal in Colorado, I am hoping to make about a cake per month to slowly   get my feet wet again in the cake world.  So stay tuned!

But until then, here are some of the cakes that I have made the past couple of years, but didn't put on the blog.  Enjoy!

Charlotte's Sixth Birthday Cake-Rapunzel!

Nate's 8th Birthday Cake - Ben 10

Boy Scout Blue and Gold Banquet Cake 2011

Charlotte's 7th Birthday Cake - Merida/Brave

Nate's 9th Birthday Cake - Pokemon Pokeball

Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet Cake 2012

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