Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wedding Season!

I love June, and all the weddings that are associated with it! The two cakes that I have recently made are both designs that I have been dying to make for quite a while.
First is this beautiful Tiffany Box inspired cake. These are 3 square tiers, 6, 9 and 12 inches. The color was achieved using Americolor Turquoise. For the bows, I wanted them to be messy and unfurled, like a present wrapped coming unfurled. The bows are all gumpaste and I painted them with white disco dust. And then lots of pretty, gumpaste cutout flowers and hand sculpted roses.
The border was made with a bead maker, and is also gumpaste.
Next, I made this really pretty purple cherry blossom and dogwood wedding cake. This one was fun, because I love making gumpaste flowers!
The cake was painted purple to achieve a nice, bright color that would be less likely to fade. It was painted using a large brush, Americolor Electric Purple food coloring and vodka.
The branch that twists its way around the cake is chocolate fondant. I detailed the branches with a gumpaste tool to impress a wood like pattern onto it.
The flowers were all made from gumpaste and cut from blossom and dogwood cutters. Once they were dry, they were dusted with Cosmo pink petal dust. I attached them onto the cake with royal icing, and then piped pretty little centers onto each one.
I really loved making both of these cakes!
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