Monday, March 15, 2010

Ni Hao Kai Lan

Today I made a cake for a coworker of my husband. Her daughter was turning 4 and loves Kai Lan (just like my daughter!)
Kai Lan is one of those light hearted cartoons where everything is bright skies and sun, cute animals, lots of flowers and in general happy looking. So that's pretty much where I jumped off.
The background of the sky was made in pale blue, with a border around the bottom to look like rolling green hills. Mr. Sun is front and center, because he is a major character. His face was panted with food coloring, and I also added fluffy white clouds cut from fondant.
All of the figures were hand molded. To add some more color and whimsy, I added on bright fondant flowers to the green hills.
My husband was happy to report to me that his coworker loved the cake. I'm happy to say that I do too!
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