Friday, September 13, 2013

My Little Pony 8th Birthday

Rainbow cakes seem to be a little common around here lately!  This week, my beautiful daughter turned 8.  That's beyond hard to believe for me, because it seems like just so recently I was making her a Wall-E Cake.  Luckily, though, she is that delightful type of eight that still revels in princesses and ponies.  
My Little Pony has gotten a bit of a revamp since I was a kid and has surged in popularity recently.  Charlotte has been obsessively watching the episodes on Netflix, and begged and begged for a My Little Pony cake for her birthday.  Done.  It's like a (prettier) slice of my own childhood.  

The cake was actually easy peasy.  As has been my habit lately, I collected inspiration on Pinterest.  The top tier is from a design I saw there.  A purple fondant covered cake with rainbow hued flowers.  The flowers are fondant, I didn't even have to use gumpaste or Tylose, and I used my tiny violet cutter for them.  I made the centers also out of different colors.
The bottom tier I wanted something very frilly and girly, because that describes my daughter pretty well.  After covering it in fondant, I used a pasta roller to roll out very thin strips of gumpaste.  I believe I used the 6 setting.  Next I cut out the thinned gumpaste into ribbons, about 1/4 inch wide.  I dampened my fondant with some water, and then just zig zagged the ribbons onto the cake.  It made these pretty little ruffles!
I did try to juxtaposition them so that when I put on one ribbon in the direction left-right-left-right, I countered the next one with right-left-right-left just so that it wouldn't look too uniform and perfect.
After that, I took vodka and sprayed down the cake, and then applied hot pink glitter to the ruffles for lots of shimmer.  The glitter stuck on the ruffles like a charm.
The rainbow on the top of the cake is thin ropes of gumpaste that I attached with wooden skewers and placed on the top of the cake.  The clouds are gumpaste, too!
The tutu I used from Aislinn's birthday last month.  And the ponies-I know in the cake world that buying plastic toys and putting them on cakes is considered kind of...lazy since you aren't shaping gumpaste into some lovely edible art.  But ya know, nothing makes a kid happier than these little figures they can play with for a long, long time.  :)  But below is a pic of the cake sans figures.
And the inside of the cake?  Chocolate with hot pink vanilla frosting of course!
Charlotte loved her cake, and so did all of her friends that came to her party.  Happy birthday to the kindest girl I know!

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