Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sparkly Cake

I have been wanting to make something a bit over the top for a while now. I make lots and lots of birthday cakes, but wanted to design a decadent, fantasy type of all white wedding cake. My cakes so far usually have a fair amount of color to them, and also tend to be very whimsical, so I wanted something purely white, elegant, and totally different.

While perusing the Internet, I can across a photo the Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes did for Swarovski a few years ago. It is a photo of a piece of cake absolutely covered in crystals, but it was also absolutely inedible.

After thinking about it, I decided to add my own crystals to the cake, but in a much smaller dose, just to give it a bit of glamour. I also added Super Pearl Dust to all the sugar bows, for a glittery glow when hit by low candle light. Not quite a Swarovski covered indulgence, but close!
The photo below is Elisa Strauss's gorgeous creation, and my inspiration.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Girly Cake Week

This was the week for two girly cakes. I LOVE it when people will ask for one of my "classic" cakes, but will put a twist on it to fit their own needs. Such was the case for both cakes this weekend.

The first was my cupcake cake, which I have made dozens of. The party planner wanted to integrate more of the invite, though, so asked that the cupcake "wrapper" have polka dots on it, and that instead of the "1" and giant fondant cherry, that there would be a fondant candle instead, that looked just like the invite. For her individual smash cake, I made the giant cupcake again, but this time on the candle, made it where it would light! How cool is that? I felt like I was channeling Duff by adding fire to one of my cakes!

The other cake was for a baby shower. They liked my pink and brown monogrammed cake, but wanted it to look like that baby's quilt. So, I made really cute pink polka dots on the bottom tier, with diagonal stripes on the top tier. I topped it off with a chocolate "A" for Addison, and then added a sweet pink gumpaste bow. Gorgeous!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Busy Busy!

The maximum amount of cakes I will take in a week is 4. I am a one man shop, and do all the baking, cake leveling, decorating, accessory making, shopping, delivering and worse of all CLEANING myself. And all that time really adds up!

This week I was booked, but when a girl named Summer called, (which happens to be my name as well), I couldn't help but work her in. Plus, she wanted a butterfly cake. How could I say no?

The first cake of my favorite cakes this week was another zoo animal cake, which I changed up by adding a bright red bow onto it, to make it girly. The second one was the girly birthday cake with a gumpaste crown, and the third was Summer's butterfly cake.

Somehow, though, it became one of those hectic weeks where I ended up putting in more hours than normal. Those 3 cakes seemed more like 6! But, I love each and every one of them.

For the weekend, we decided to get away. We stayed the night in Tyler, took another off roading adventure, and then let the kids explore the Caldwell Zoo. It was a gorgeous weekend after the every other day of snow we had last week.
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