Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Competition Cake Finally Done!

After a terribly tough week last week of dealing with an unusable batch of fondant, I have finally finished my competition cake that was meant to be for the Capital Confectioners Sugar Art Show last weekend. Better late than never! I hand made the sugar pearls and the candied jewels. The bows and tiara are gumpaste, and everything else is Satin Ice. I just wish I could know how it would have done at the competition!
The top tier was done with an impression mat, and then adorned with tiny little flowers with pearl centers. The second tier has stripes that were cut with a special ribbon cutter. The 3rd was dusted with Super Pearl Violet Dust, and then I added flowers, again with the pearl centers. The bottom tier has scroll work done in royal icing.
All the bows were made from gumpaste with the special ribbon cutter, and then I used a stitching tool to create an extra "seam" to make the look more real. I hand cut the tiara on top, and then made the jewels from hard candy that I dyed pink before pouring it into molds. Around the jewels are more sugar pearls. Lots of work, and I love it!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Anaya Nathalie's Cake

What a gorgeous name for a little baby! This week I had a rerun of my girlie birthday cake, but tried to add some more details, like the name banner with the roses at the corner. Little Anaya is turning one, and her mom also ordered a dozen pink cupcake cookies to go with, along with a cupcake smash cake tied with a bright pink ribbon.
I also had a 60th anniversary cake as well. This cake was 2 tiers and dusted with real gold! The cake was adorned with ivory gumpaste roses. and then topped with a gold painted 60 in gumpaste.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Off Roading?

A lot of people would think this a bit of a stretch for me, but we took the weekend for off roading! Our two year old LOVED her daddy splashing through giant mud pits and almost getting stuck. Our manly little boy took to it after a while, and especially like climing big rock covered hills. Afterwards we were pretty worn out, but the car was nice and happy being used for its true purpose, instead of just city communting :) .

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Barnyard Cakes

Welcome to the first post in my blog!

This was a great week for me. I had a client call about 2 weeks ago to tell me that her cake lady had canceled on her, and that she needed to find someone-quickly! She wanted a version of my zoo cake (which I have done dozens of), but she wanted it in a barnyard theme, with pigs, sheep, cows, etc. I was thrilled! I am always looking for fun new designs!

After searching the internet and collaborating together, we came up with her design where the bottom tier would be cow print, and the top a red bandana. I made brown "ropes" for the bottom of each tier, and she borrowed the design idea for the letters in her son's name from the cupcake cake. The letters were all handcut from gumpaste and decorated with black dots of frosting.

Since I hadn't made the farm animals before, it was a bit of experimentating involved for the sheep. I ended up having the pipe his wool with a small star tip, using royal icing.

Then on Monday, I had another client call who also needed a cake quickly, and she wanted the barnyard theme as well! So, for the first time I ever made this design, I got to do it twice in a weekend-how fun!
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