Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rainbow First Birthday!

This weekend is a pretty amazing one for us-our little baby's first birthday!  Aislinn has just been the cherry on the top of our sundae, and it has been beyond wonderful having a baby around now that the two other kids are a bit older and in school.

I saw this cake by Wild Orchid Baking Company awhile back, and the instant I saw it, knew it would be perfect for Aislinn's first birthday.

I tweaked the design a little bit because I wanted it to be a girly, almost dayglo rainbow full of bright pink and turquoise.  I think that's what I got!

This is another cake where it is important to measure and put the decorations on precisely.  After covering the cakes in fondant, I took my heart cutter and indented the shape directly onto the cake, going around the entire base, and keeping the spacing as symmetrical as possible.  Next, I took a graphite pencil and a ruler, and drew lines from the bottom point of each heart to the top of the cake to make sure the hearts would stay in alignment and not get crooked on me.

I cut out the colors for the bottom row, placed them on, and then continued on to the second row and so forth.  It actually didn't take long at all!

For the number I used a fondant/tylose mix and decorated it with purple disco dust.  Remember, disco dust is no longer considered an edible decoration so only use it on parts of your cake that will not be consumed.

For the final touch I decided to put hearts on wires.  I twisted them around my finger to make spirals and then threaded the hearts right on.  Pretty cute!

For the tutu, I went to a local craft store that sells fabric and bought a yard of each color of tulle.  Then I cut squares of the tulle, about 3X3 inches, then gathered the top and pinned it with straight pins.  I loved how it turned out and felt like it really added a lot to the cake.

I really loved A's little smash cake.  I just did a rough job frosting it.  I cut out little hearts and then attached them with string that I hung between two paper straws.  It was a perfect smash cake.  

All in all, our little baby had a great first birthday.  She ate cake, but mostly enjoyed squeezing it between her fingers.  Happy birthday, Aislinn!

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