Friday, October 31, 2008

I Don't Mean To Brag, But...

...this cake kind of deserves it, right? I am SO in love with it!

I love the Pink Cake Box, and a couple of weeks ago, a man who was getting married on Halloween contacted me and asked for ideas for a cool wedding cake. The first thing that popped into my head was the awesome Corpse Bride cakes that they make. I sent him a photo through email and no more than thirty seconds passed until he said "Yes, let's do it!" Cool!

This is my version of the cake, with a few differences. I don't airbrush my cakes, and the Pink Cake Box had their swirls airbrushed on, so instead I used black fondant to look like vines crawling up the cake. The middle tier is different widths of black fondant stripes.

The colors were a little tricky, because I wanted them muted and not too bright. For the blue, I found a color called Wedgwood Blue, which had gray already incorporated in it. For the purple, I used Violet, and mixed in a teeny bit of black.

The topper is something I searched and searched for, and finally found on a website called Little did I know that it is a collector's item, and that these suckers are $$$. I had found one on and another on eBay for about $100, but heteromorphic definitely had the best price by far.

The finishing touches are the butterflies and dragonflies. This cake is beyond gorgeous, I can't even tell you how much I love it.

The other cake I made was for a very sweet girl who ordered a cake for a friend's 21st birthday. She wanted my topsy turvy zebra cake, but didn't need that many servings, so we decided to do a one tiered version of it. Very, very cute!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Zoo Baby Shower

This was a fun cake to make, because I got to make my zoo cake in a different color scheme. I also got to make a new animal!

The cake was based off a nursery bedroom set from Target, and featured khaki, green, and blue colors, along with some adorable animals. My favorite animal on the quilt was a blue and green turtle, which I put on the top. I wish the photo for him was better, because he was really cute!

The other animals were a lion, blue elephant, and giraffe.

The inside of the cake was chocolate with vanilla frosting, which together I think makes it taste like a giant Oreo cookie.

What a fun cake!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Nate's 5th Birthday

Last week was my son, Nate's, 5th birthday! Since birthday parties are all consuming events, it was the only cake that I made that week.
I am so sad to not get a photo of this cake before it got damaged! After loading up the car with Nate's cake, presents, party drinks and snacks, I totally left my camera memory card at home. By the time I got a hold of a camera, the sun had melted one of the chocolate towers. Shoot!
Anyway, this was meant to be a Spiderman 3 cake, with a city scape. The buildings and cars were chocolate transfers. I got the idea from the Whimsical Bakehouse, and also from some cakes on Flickr.
In additional, I piped on some spiderwebs on the top tier with royal icing.
Despite me only being able to see its flaws, Nate loved it, and had a great birthday. He wanted to do it at the "Pirate Park" again. which was where we had it the year before, too. We ate cake, led the kids on a treasure hunt (a treasure chest filled with candy) and had a great time!It's hard to believe he is already 5! Happy Birthday Nate!!! We love you!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nathaniel's First Birthday

This weekend I made a cake for a little boy named Nathaniel, which is near and dear to my heart, because my own son's name is Nathaniel! It is not a name I come across too terribly often, and I also thought it was neat because both boys were born in October.
My client Jennifer and I shared a few "My Nathaniel" stories, and I can honestly say that she was a delight to work with!
So Jennifer's Nathaniel really loves puppies. His mom said that whenever he sees them that he can't help but laugh. She ordered a cake that was inspired by Pink Cake Box (who else?), but later added on a couple of little puppies on the top.
It was also really important to her husband that the name Nathaniel was on there, so I ended up doing the cutout letters at the bottom, to make sure that it was front and center.
It ended up being a pretty cute cake, and I really hope that everyone enjoyed it.

Doing a cake for Nathaniel's first birthday made me all nostalgic, so I had to post a photo of My Nathaniel's first birthday. This was 4 (!) years ago, before I was even thinking about making cakes. I remember staying up late slaving over this funny thing-it was a cake mix (gasp!) and even worse, canned frosting (OMG) that I tinted bright blue and then put the little sugar space ships on. We still lived in our 3 level apartment, and had it filled with family. That is in my top five favorite days ever.
Now Nathaniel's 5th birthday is coming up in 2 weeks, and he wants a Spiderman Party. Can't wait!
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