Monday, July 21, 2008

Precious Car-Go

A fellow mom from a nearby city, Angie, has started up a new business! These clothes are just too adorable. I wonder if I could get my picky little Charlotte to wear one of these beautiful tutu inspired skirts? The pink and green one reminds me of my Rose and Hydrangea Wedding Cake. Take a look at her wonderful site, located at

Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh No! No Photos!

Can you believe that I did not get one single photo of the one single cake I did this week? Funnily enough, Charlotte (a woman who shares a name with my lovely tenacious daughter) arrived quite early this morning, before I could snap any photos. This was much to my dismay. I did ask her to send me some pics when she got a chance, so hopefully she will! The cake was a 1 tiered zoo animal cake. Since Charlotte was going to have a balloon theme, I made fondant balloons on wires for all the animals to hold. It was too cute!

So, this week being as slow as it was, I Googled Butterfly Sweets. I'll admit, it is a LITTLE silly to Google yourself, but I got curious as to what people out there are saying about the bakery! And do you know what I found? All sorts of awesome blogs that I have been a part of! I just wanted to share a couple of cool ones. Forgive me, I just thought it was flattering to be mentioned. ;)

My Turquoise Cake with Scroll Work must be pretty popular, because it was featured in two blogs-The Planner Pages and Bliss Wedding Market.

This one I have always found amusing. The man's name is Adam, and he posted a first birthday cake I did for a little boy named Adam to be his first birthday cake.

This cake used me for inspiration on Topsy-Turvy Cakes, and fondant.

This one called Dreamers Events is a really beautiful website that featured my Rose and Hydrangea Cake. Favor Ideas also featured the same cake:

One of my favorite is written by a woman who was born under a Magnolia Tree, and is currently planning her wedding in Manhattan. She liked my Girlie First Birthday Cake. also posted two of my photos, but I am not sure if they liked my cakes or not! They weren't too complimentary-they don't like fondant and think my cakes are too busy! lol!

A really fun one is a site that compares lamps to cakes: They loved my Cupcake Cakes!

I am one of favorite Cake Sites. Has some references as well.

Anyways, I hope this wasn't too painfully boring to read! I love discovering new cake blogs, and was hoping some of you would enjoy it as well.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Super Sweet 16

I am not a zebra print kind of girl. I love bright colors, but animal prints just aren't me. However, this cake does have me changing my mind!
The girl who I made it for had fallen head over heels in love with a cake from the Pink Cake Box, and wanted it recreated (only in pink, instead of the dark blue as the original). I told her of course I would make it for her-I love doing topsy-turvy cakes. And I really love making something new!
For the topsy turvy cake, I followed the instructions from Cake Central. For supports, I used the SPS system. The SPS system is something that I just recently got into. And the sturdiness it gives a cake is just amazing.
The zebra stripes are strips of black fondant that I cut out and applied to the cake with water. The bow is shiny (like the original), which I accomplished by spritzing it with vodka. The number on the front is fondant mixed with a bit of Tylose. And then the wired stars set it all off.
This cake was a joy to make. I love the pink and black together!
Here is a photo of the original, done by Pink Cake Box.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Born On The 4th Of July

Back in February, I began planning a cake for a woman who would be celebrating her 30th birthday on July 4th. I have been so excited for so long to make this cake!
This was my first battle with a loopy bow. She really wanted the bow and the number 30 on top, so I tried my darnedest to put them both on there. Loopy bows, it turns out, are tricky. I bought a Kitchen Aid Pasta Attachment with the sole purpose of making these bows. It rolls the gumpaste out impossibly thin, which supposedly makes the bow look more like ribbon. What I discovered was that it also makes the loops incredibly brittle. I cannot tell you how many pieces broke while trying to assemble it!
Bygones be bygones, it still turned out cute. I love the color theme.
For the wired stars, I really have to give a big THANKYOU to my friend Christi, who told me that if I heated the wire with a flame (like with a candle), that the fondant would melt to the wire and make it stick. OMG-it worked perfectly and I will never have to deal with sliding fondant decorations again!
I also painted the stars with Silver Highlighter and Vodka to make them shiny. I hope she likes it!
For fun, I also did a 1 tiered version of the over the top birthday cake. Pretty cute!

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