Friday, February 13, 2009

Abigail Bo Peep

I love this little sheep!  She is so cute, I think I will sneak her off the cake to keep her, and see if Shelley (Abigail's mommy) will notice.  ;)
Shelley requested that the cake be pastel colors-pinks, purples, yellows.  She also adores sheep, and wanted an adorable one for the top.
The sheep is larger than most of my fondant animals, so that it would be the same size on the 1 on the top.  I molded the body, arms and legs like normal, then made the head.  I added some eyelashes to be extra feminine, and then being inspired by her sweetness, added some pink petal dust onto her cheeks to give her a girly blush.  The wool is made with royal icing and a small star tip.  She is the cutest little thing ever, and I hope that Abigail has a fabulous first birthday!


Heather said...

Another lovely cake!

Marian said...

Oh my gosh.. how ADORABLE!! I don't usually write in large caps (hee hee). Gorgeous work Summer, and your blog is interesting and pretty too.
=) Marian

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