Sunday, June 8, 2008

Les Dames D'Escoffier

This weekend there was an event called Let Them Eat Cake put on by Les Dames D'Escoffier Dallas at North Park Centre. They had several local bakeries make amazing cakes that were put on display, along with table settings. Guests could purchases raffle tickets to vote for their favorite cake, and if you bought enough tickets, you could even taste some. (I did not get to taste.) With husband and two cranky kids in tow, I dragged the family out to the mall this past Saturday evening to check them out.

The first cake I came to was created by Kristen Rahal of Tart Bakery ( Admittedly, I am a bit smitten with this bakery, and vehemently wish to be in her shoes one day! This cake was adorable-5 square tiers, all iced in buttercream. The tiers alternated colors-green and then chocolate. The green tiers had a large chocolate flower embedded into them, with a gumpaste flower on top of that. The chocolate tiers had something that I have seen a lot of lately and think it may be a new trend-rustic frosting. Instead of buttercream smoothed so perfectly that you almost can't tell that it isn't fondant, this buttercream is purposely unsmooth. Another recent example of this was Jenna Bush's wedding cake (see earlier post).

Another cool cake was one done by Nina Hunter of the Art Institute of Dallas. She did an upside down Asian Inspired cake balanced on top of drinking glasses. Just as you think that this sounds like a circus act, take a look at the cake-pretty cool, and defiantly different.

Morgan Wilson of the Ritz-Carlton created a 5 tiered pink cake, with floating tiers. Between the tiers, the cake was "floating" on hundreds of gumpaste blooms. There was lovely piping on each tier in white royal icing. I am actually making a cake in a similar style in about two weeks!

The most original cake was by David Collier of the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. You could possibly never even know it was a cake-it was an exact replica of a Chinese paper lantern. Just beautiful, and an amazing piece of art.

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